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Raising a Complaint

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We understand that there are occasions where our patients or their representatives may wish to report or make a complaint about the service they have received.


In most cases, problems can be resolved quickly and easily at the time they arise with the person concerned or with the Practice Manager. Where this is not possible and a formal complaint becomes necessary, this should be done so as soon as possible after the event to ease the investigation process. In any event, complaints should be made:


  • Within 12 months of the incident.


  • Within 12 months of discovering that there is a problem.


Complaints should be made in one of the following ways;



  • Verbally, by contacting the Practice Manager on the main surgery telephone number (0121 550 4917).


  • All written complaints should be addressed to;


Rose Dunnington

Practice Manager

Halesowen Medical Practice

2 Quarry Lane


West Midlands

B63 4WD


Please state your case clearly with as much detail as possible.


If you are a registered patient you can complain about your own care. You may also complain on behalf of another person, once their written consent has been obtained.


Click here to view the NHS Complaints Guidance from the Department of Health