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Introducing Olivia, your new virtual nurse.

Meet our newest member of staff here to guide you through your personal healthcare needs on demand 24/7, 365 days a year!


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As a patient registered at Halesowen Medical Practice, you will be invited to take part in the trial of a new mobile platform with a virtual nurse called the Sensely Mobile Triage App.


Olivia, Sensely’s virtual nurse gathers information by asking questions, as any clinician would in a person-to-person interaction. She will then direct you to the appropriate healthcare or resource including:


  • Symptom checker
  • Book a GP appointment
  • Healthcare information through NHS Choices
  • Information about patient services

    Interaction with your virtual nurse allows you to be in control and receive fast, easy, personal and confidential access to the highest standards of healthcare.

    If you would like to find out more information about the app, please visit


    Remember to enter the program code "SMW"

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the app work?

    Patients will be able to use the app to answer questions about their symptoms. Action will be taken depending on the answers given by the patient. The patient can be re-routed self-care information or appointment scheduling with a GP.


    What does the app do?

    Through a virtual nurse avatar, the Sensely mobile triage app will be able to:


      • Book appointments: Direct patients to the appropriate care at the right time by booking appointments at a GP surgery or other service depending on their needs.
      • Give health information: The app will allow for patients to naturally interact with the avatar nurse by asking questions about general medical information and clinic services. It will provide patients with convenient, immediate access to health information including pictures and verbal explanations
      • Symptom checker: Patients can check symptoms though interaction with the Sensely Mobile Triage App
      • Service locator: Immediate access to find the nearest pharmacy, GP or dentist.
      • Interact with patients to carry out clinical assessment: The app will be able to assess and route patients between urgent care and self-help resources.
      • Health notifications: Notify patients via SMS, In-App notification, or phone call of important events such as medication time and appointments. 


    Who can use the app?

    Only patients registered with Lion Health or St Margaret’s Well Surgery will be able to download and use the app during the pilot period.

    What are the benefits of using this app?


    • Improved patient experience by personalised health care
    • Improved delivery of self-care information 
    • Reduction in demand on urgent care services as a result of patients being directed to the right place at the first time. 
    • Ability to access clinical decision support mediated by a virtual nurse
    • Ability to check symptoms 
    • The app will give patients access to be more engaged with their own healthcare.


    Is the app secure?

    The app communicates with Sensely back-end servers which are hosted in the UK in a secure N3 environment (the same connection as used in all GP practices) accredited by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC).


      • Patient data is encrypted and stored on secure servers
      • Patient health information storage and management complies with NHS IG Statement of Compliance (IGSoC) Toolkit and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability ACT (HIPAA) requirements
      • Patient consent is obtained to share data and is password protected

    What device do you need to download the app?


    The Sensely app is compatible with Apple iOS (iPhone 5 or higher, iPad2 and higher( and Android devices (OS 4.1 and higher). In order to use the app all that is required is access to Wifi or mobile data.


    How do you download the app?


    Patients will be sent a text message that includes a code and link to the app store. When the app has downloaded they will be asked to enter the code, and then register by creating a username and password.  Patients will be required to enter information such as first and last name, date of birth, and email address, so that their patient record can be accessed and updated via the Sensely app.  Once registered, patients will only need their username and password to access the app.


    Do I need WiFi to use the app?

    WiFi is not required, but the app will work best with a good WiFi connection.


    Do I need a data plan?

    If using WiFi, no data plan is necessary.  If patients wish to use the app when not connected to a WiFi network, they can use their data plan instead.  Normal data rates will apply.


    Does it cost money?

    The app is free to download and use for those eligible for the pilot.  If using the app via a data plan, normal data rates will apply.


    How do I register?

    To register, first download the app.  At the login screen, press “sign up”.  You will be prompted to enter a code, which will be provided by your surgery.  Once the code has been entered, a registration screen appears.  You’ll be asked to create a username and password, as well as provide your first and last name, date of birth, gender, email address, and phone number.  This information is required so that the app can access your relevant medical records.  Patient data is encrypted and compiles with all NHS security requirements, as noted above.

    How do I interact with the app?

    To use the Sensely app, just talk to Olivia.  She will ask all the questions needed to get your information.  In some cases, you’ll need to say your request out loud, such as when she asks “What’s your main symptom?”  In other cases, there will also be buttons on the screen, and it’s your choice—you can speak to her, or simply press the button.

    Olivia understands best if you let her finish speaking before you reply.

    If you didn’t hear what she said, just press the “repeat” button on the bottom of the screen.  You can also press “Menu” at any time to start over.


    What if I am using the app on behalf of someone else?


    During the pilot the app can only be used by the registered user. The possibility of having a “family wallet” login or even anonymous option (with limited assessment capability) might exist in future visions.

    What happens if the app says I need an ambulance?


    This is a test of the app and should not be used instead of dealing 999 if you have a genuine medical emergency.  When using the app in this pilot it may ask the patient to dial 999 and there will then be a disclaimer stating the app should not be used for emergency situations.


    What are the terms and conditions of using the app?


    Terms and conditions will be displayed when the patient first registers with the app.

    What if my symptom isn’t listed in the options or I don’t understand the wording used?


    The app will prompt the user to consider calling 111 or look at NHS Choices as currently the app is limited to 90 pathways.